Say Goodbye to your bird problems
the safe and simple way'
Bye-Bye Birdie

Scientifically Researched Bird Repellent with Magnetic System

Bye-Bye Birdie
Power Wing

(Covers up to 70 ft radius)

Bye-Bye Birdie

(For frequent stop spot)

What is Bye-Bye Birdie?

Bye-Bye Birdie is a ultimate bird repellent based on the scientific principles of geomagnetic field. Using a specialized magnetic system (Patented in US & Japan), Bye-Bye Birdie emits 2000 gauss magnetic field which disturbs the geomagnetic field( 2 gauss). The difference confuses birds which depend upon geomagnetic field for determining their direction and positioning. (Nature Science Update: September 12, 1996 from publication entitled "Nature" indicating that birds are able to " sense" magnetism.) Birds simply avoid the disturbed area.

Patented Magnetic System!
The magnetic system includes a stack of unit magnet arranged vertically with their magnetic poles in N-S-N-S orientation. So that magnetic poles of the magnet do not repel each other. Magnetic circuit of the Bye-Bye Birdie employs a reluctant-free arrangement which is ideal for permanent magnet.
Because of the spontaneous circulation of the magnet field, the magnet circuit of the Bye-Bye Birdie can emit an expansive magnetic field and be used for extended period of time.

Bye-Bye Birdie (BBB) Features:
BBB is safe for birds, pets, people, and the environment.
BBB does not scare or trap or injure birds.
BBB uses no electrical power, so it costs nothing to operate.
BBB is very compact and very easy to install (Just hung up!).
BBB needs no maintenance.
BBB's magnetic force does not disturb electric wave

Bye-Bye Birdie has been sold in Japan and the US 120,000 units since1995.
It has been used for more than 60,000 locations and has proven its effectiveness. It prevent birds dropping and nest at house, sidewalks and boat. No birds screaming and mocking on weekend mornings. Protect fruits from damage in your backyard, berry farms and winery.